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Life is Complexity - Complexity is Now

This is the 1st Edition ov COMPLEXITY
This collection was compiled in the early months of 2018.
COMPLEXITY is an ongoing series from Thee Instagon Foundation featuring sound, art, & words.. filed somewhere between a compilation, a zine, and a podcast....a little something different that we hope will evolve into more diversity including all 3 artistic paths.

For details on how to be involved and part of the NEXT upcoming edition.. go to www.tif.org/complexity.

We suggest opening each cut individually and exploring the information and links included with each contribution.

We also suggest listening to the entire album, after downloading, in headphones for best results.

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released February 21, 2018

Compiled by Lob for Thee Instagon Foundation
All rights to all tracks belong to the artists that made them and any use for any reason should be cleared with them first.

This edition features SOUND contributions from
Germany, Serbia, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Mexico, & from thee US States ov California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, & Illinois

This edition includes ART contributions from Jared Konopitski of Sacramento, CA.

COMPLEXITY Cover art - " Tile 7 ", digital media - by Lob





Thee Instagon Foundation Sacramento, California

the brand and organization that revolves around a California conceptual artist named Lob. Creative people doing creative things with Lob since 1993.

INSTAGON: the band has its own bandcamp page at instagon.bandcamp.com
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Track Name: Lady Lazarus - Miracles

I believe in miracles
even if I die.
I won't believe there's nothing special
I can be in life.

I believe in being good
even if you don't.
I won't deny there's something magic
I can be if I... try.

I believe in miracles
I know because I live it.
Was once ashamed,
but now I'm not afraid to show it.

I believe in miracles
even if it's wrong.
The wonders of my life
won't be here for long.

I believe in the space between.
I believe in the mystery
I've believed beyond what I see all my life.

I believe in light.
I believe in dark,
where I've lived all my life.

Now, I believe in you.
Do you believe in me, too?

I believe in miracles.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in miracles.
Track Name: Dendera Bloodbath - Upkeep
there are signs of life, nobody home
abandoned, abandoned long ago

windows open
signal movement
left alone for so long
what will become of us?
have they forgotten?
the lights are on
knock on the door
I shall answer
Track Name: Lezet - Times Gone By
we should pee our hands and feet
pity sex will factor in
and we'll have our puddings back
Track Name: Instagon - Black Cactus
Black Cactus Matters
Track Name: Team Aethyr - Galaxy Blood
Galaxy Blood

the destructive vibration, the soundwave bound
for the brains of the clowns
infiltrates and surrounds
sinister masons and pounds
into their faces and crowns
devistating the grey matter that's found there
down underground where
the secret military agents and greys
in medical gowns, Dulce Base
carrying out strange operations
phasing in and out of dimensional space
untill they feel the wavelength
that Team Aethyr sent out
that'll put them in their place
dismantling their atoms till there's nothing left
to put into their graves
rearranging fucking DNA
our frequencies take the quote "illuminated"
turn them into slaves
it's amazing how great the earth is
without the fake masters and vampires
taking and perverting
everything for the purpose
of enslaving fucking earthlings
now we're initiating initiates hurting
we're fucking cursing and burning bankers at the stake
turning the last page
Liber Al, the last days
of evil's reign, the new aeon aflame
now is the time, this is the place
wake the fuck up
lock, load, and take aim
at a senators face, blow up the whitehouse
fucking burn down the banks
taking their technology to
target police stations from space
laying waste with lasers
turning the slave trader pigs to vapor
can't forget the lying fucking media fakers
it's ok, we commendeered their satellites now the airwaves
are alive with beats and bass
and statements about the ways
human beings started to take
their fucking freedom from an alien race
of Anunnaki invaders who tried to create a slave
out of a biped with a soul that'll never fucking break
for these fucking fakes
fuckers want to rape my planet for gold and rule my people
from Kansas to Kuwait
you made a big fucking mistake
playing god, but I'm a blasphomous bastard with good aim,
true will, an AK, and a burning desire to wile out and devistate

now is the time, this is the place
wake the fuck up
lock, load, and take aim
at the president's face, blow up the whitehouse
fucking burn down the banks

now is the time, this is the place
wake the fuck up
lock, load, and take aim
at a Rothschilde's face, blow up the whitehouse
fucking burn down the banks

MiraStarr & Companion
Celestial SamurEyes
eternal obliteration
2 thoz who oppose
all Starr Guardians
our intergalactic multi dimensional connection
never broken
even withe thee annunaki illuminati retarded robotic infection
thinking entitlement is enlightenment
total devilishment
satirical empirical government
shent ascent
neverending torrment
reinvent snitch shoes ov cement
maximum enemy demise is thee medicine

reverberating 8 pointed ritualization
nuclear cremation
finito your vile skeksi association
Team Aethyr repoting 4 duty
misery history into blissful allchemical synergy
Track Name: David Nadeau - La Tonalité Des Méridiens


The imminence of acronyms
escalates every word
at the bluish borders of the voice

Concert of shadows and continents


The oceanography of the voice can decipher the breath of the globe
in search of perpendicular fragments


To heal the inscription illuminates the limits of duration
What is the orientation of automatisms?
The works of the face are formed in the evocation of the glands

Such gesture "is" the key




L’imminence des sigles
escalade chaque mot
aux frontières bleutées de la voix

Concert d’ombres et de continents


L’océanographie de la voix sait déchiffrer le souffle du globe
à la recherche de fragments perpendiculaires


Guérir l’inscription éclaire les limites de la durée
Qu’est-ce que l’orientation des automatismes?
Les travaux du visage se forment dans l’évocation des glandes

Tel geste « est » la clé

David Nadeau
Track Name: Model For Assembl - <Gargoyle>
yes sure this bus it's fine
i guess
you were ruined and broke before
you can handle this again
but why the fuck were you dressed like a cop anyway
i took a place sniffing cat thinking of anything to say
i wish i could keep eye contact at least for a second
i used to lock you on a balcony
why am i so scared now
i'm just frustrated that's all
it even tastes okay
i don't know when i'll eat again
let's just get to the cake
i'm just frustrated that's all
should've sat on the desk
should've gotten myself killed before it
yes sure [congratulations]
this bus it's fine [congratulations]
i guess [you were ruined]
you were broke before [you were ruined]
you can handle this again [you are stronger than me]
yeah your neice she's running with collectable bunnies
i want one you wanted one sorry i read your diary
age of five screamed lesbian i was on to nothing
and i brought you nothing
reminds me of you playing playstation with your shotgun husband
oh where is he now [?]
your friend from childhood
wanted to see you happy with a baby[?]
alright baby died
don't know if i will ever really make you smile
but it was uneasy before we knew it was malign
before your student loans arrived
let's say the bus is booked i'm packed
there's a ticket in my pocket right under The Gum
fuck it you're supposed to say
happy birthday
i don't really know what to say
happy birthday
hunting shark under the table seems attractive
but too loud
why it's not too cold outside to drive

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